Art Hookah AVIATOR Stems and tray
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Art Hookah AVIATOR Stems and tray

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ART HOOKAH company is proud to present new hookah stem the Aviator Stem. More than 2 years was spent on the development, production, and testing in the Art Hookah lounge in San Diego, California, and this version promises to provide the best hookah experience possible.


The new model is made of aircraft-grade aluminum 6061-T6 which has increased strength due to deep hard-anodizing aluminum, has a high resistance to oxidation, and complies with all necessary medical and nutritional requirements and standards. Aircraft-grade aluminum is used in the aviation industry for the manufacture of parts and structures for aircraft, the space industry, and the production of weapons. This material is extremely durable and perfectly fulfills its function at any temperature when using a hookah, even in the most extreme conditions.


The new model comes complete with a black matte tray, made from aircraft-grade aluminum as well. After washing, the stem leaves absolutely no aftertaste from a hookah session. This makes it a great universal stem that can be used every day.


An important detail in the Aviator stem is the diffusor. The diffusor provides open non-restricted smoke and lots of clouds.


All of the improvements to the new Aviator Stem model make for a more durable hookah product and enjoyable hookah experience!

Aviator Stem in a set with Aviator hose (sold separately) can make even more performance and provide more enjoyable sessions.


 Aviator Stems

Great performance and quality.


Extremely durable.


Made from aerospace grade aluminum.

Kit includes: stem + tray. 

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