Cheech & Chong Haze Tobacco 250g Hookah Flavor Saver
Cheech & Chong Haze Tobacco 250gHookah Flavor Saver

Haze Tobacco™has partnered up with the World Famous Cheech and Chong™. Together with Chech and Chong™, they have introduced six limited edition flavors. These flavors are inspired by the comical antics of the duo and will...

Would you like your shisha to last longer? Do you want more flavor and thicker clouds? What about burnt, harsh shisha that makes you cough...want to eliminate that? The Hookah Flavor Saver is a breakthrough in the world of hookah smoking, using...





Haze Tobacco 250g
Haze Tobacco 250g

With over 25 years of experience, the pioneers of the U.S.A flavored hookah tobacco industry have created the ultimate hookah tobacco… Haze Tobacco. The hand crafted premium blends are flavored to an unparalleled perfection. Finally, the...