ATLANTIS ICE SHORT Starbuzz American-Made Hookah
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ATLANTIS ICE SHORT Starbuzz American-Made Hookah

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*STARBUZZ USA Hookahs are only sold as a stem and tray only. Base, Hose, Bowl or Grommets are not included*

 24 inches

Starbuzz Atlantis Ice Hookah Stem Description

The Starbuzz Atlantis Ice hookah is the newest member to the Starbuzz "Made in America" hookah collection. Since the original release of this collection in 2014, these hookah shafts have done nothing but leave the market speechless with their superior craftsmanship.


This brand new model features a built-in ice chamber underneath the bowl port. The benefit of this chamber allows for colder smoke to enter the base, leaving you with a chilled and smoother smoke. The finely crafted ice chamber is designed to prevent any melted ice from entering your stem, and at the end of your session all you need to do is empty it.


Starbuzz Atlantis Ice Hookah Stem Construction

Starbuzz brought their A-game with the construction of these almost indestructible hookah stems, using materials and techniques unseen to the market. They wanted to use a material that would last through the tests of time, and have every smoke session taste like the first session. These goals were achieved by using space-grade aluminum in combination with surgical grade steel.


With the use of space-grade aluminum (yes, outer space), blended with bold colors gives this hookah stem a finishing color that will never fade. This high quality aluminum exterior leaves your hookah with a body that will never be subjected to rust, corrosion, or damages from heat. Every connection point and joint on these shafts are machine-compressed, this creates the tightest seal possible for your smoking session. The surgical steel used in the downstem isn't porous so you will never have a flavor trapped in the stem, and with a quick rinse you are back to a session comparable to the first. The wide bore stem creates a remarkable open draw, with the combination of machine precise hose and purge opening.


Starbuzz 'Made in America" Warranty

The Starbuzz hookah stem is guaranteed to last you a lifetime of smooth smoke with a finish that will never tarnish, and it is even back by a 5-year warranty. Every shaft has a unique serial number, and you must register the stem in order to take advantage of this warranty.

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