Charcoal burners and holders

2014 Brentwood Coil Burner STARBUZZ® ELECTRIC WARMER
2014 Brentwood Coil BurnerSTARBUZZ® ELECTRIC WARMER

1000W Brentwood Coal Burner. Electric Single Hot Plate. Automatic Safety Shut-off with thermal fuse. Adjustable thermostat control Indicator light Nonskid rubber feet keep the unit steady Easy to clean surface Perfect for natural chacoal, try to...

New Starbuzz® Electric Warmer. The 500-watt warmer and metal grill are housed within minimalistic, procective and ventilated aluminum walls. The result is a modern and highly utilitarian design. - 500w of balanced heating power - 1 year...



Charcoal Holder Charcoal Holder with tongue rest (Large, Medium and Small)
Charcoal HolderCharcoal Holder with tongue rest (Large, Medium and Small)

Hookah Charcoal Holder. This bucket is 4 inches in diameter. Also, comes with a bottom removable tray (not shown) that will catch all ash.

Large, Medium and Small Chrcoal holder with tongue rest.



Golden Charcoal Holder ***4 Pieces*** Jumbo charcoal holder
Golden Charcoal Holder ***4 Pieces***Jumbo charcoal holder

Golden charcoal holder come with 4 pieces , 3 sets of  charcoal holder to a 3 different sizes and a golden tong.

Large Charcoal Holder

Country Of Origin: China



Modern Mini Charcoal Holder with fancy design
Modern Mini Charcoal Holder with fancy design

This Modern Mini Charcoal Holder is a new innovation of hookah accessories.

Silver color

unique design

safe and modern handle, designed professionaly so you won't drop the charcoal holder while carrying the burning coals