Hookah Homes
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Hookah Homes

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Architect & Engineer:Every great idea has a humble beginning. The creator, Jesse DePinto, lived in a small house plagued with burn marks. Tables,carpets, flooring, rugs, all burnt as a side-effect to two of his great loves: friends and hookah. When faced between choosing between a clean home or friends and hookah, many would take the easy path and choose one. Jesse took a creative look at his problem and said, "Why not have it all?", Jesse is keeping his home pristine by preventing burns. Good luck turning your house into an ashtray with a Hookah Home - designed to prevent burnt floors. Call it carpet insurance


No matter how big (or small) you think your equipment is, it's the perfect fit. Here at Hookah Homes Laboratory, we've found a way to change the mantra of "one-size-fits-all" to "one-size-is-all-you-need." You my be asking, what wizard sorcery is this? With inspiration from high school geometry, and embarassment from a diving board incident in a high school swim class, we re-discovered height and width adjustments.?

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