Hookah Tongs

HAMMER Large Egyptian Hookah Tongs Small Khanjar Metal Tongs
HAMMER Large Egyptian Hookah TongsSmall Khanjar Metal Tongs

This is a large Eguptian Hookah Tong with a HAMMER style. very useful, break your piece of coal to the size you want easily without making any mess !

These tongs are the ultimate accessory required by any seasoned hookah smoker! Specially designed to securely hold coals as easily and efficiently as possible, they also come equipped with a prod that can be used to rearrange packed tobacco for...



SS Gladiator Hookah Tongs Small Egyptian Hookah Tongs
SS Gladiator Hookah TongsSmall Egyptian Hookah Tongs

Handling hot coals should be a precise practice. With our new SS5 tongs, you will be able to pick up the smallest coals, as well as bigger shapes and sizes. The sharp profile of these tongs will be a wonderful addition to any hookah setup! tong...

Hookah Tongs



Jumbo Tongs Large Egyptian Hookah Tongs
Jumbo TongsLarge Egyptian Hookah Tongs

13.5 inches jumbo tongs

Hookah Tongs



Syrian Bird Hookah Tongs Syrian Hose, Bowl and Tongue Set
Syrian Bird Hookah TongsSyrian Hose, Bowl and Tongue Set

Hookah Bird Tongs

When you want to go out and take your hookah with you why taking the risk to break your expensive bowl or rip your valuable pretty hose, that's why you always need a cheap replacement products for your everyday use. this set has everything you...



Egyptian Classic Tongs, Small and Medium
Egyptian Classic Tongs, Small and Medium

Small and medium good quality Egyptian Hookak Tongs.