Khalil Maamoon Gold


2014 KM Gold Double Kamanja Khalil Maamoon Gold Mondial
2014 KM Gold Double KamanjaKhalil Maamoon Gold Mondial

Gold Kamanja KM Hookah, comes with all fittings, cleaning brush set, tongs, bowl, and base/hose combo as pictured. The stem alone weighs 3.7lbs. KM hookahs provide the greatest hookah experience. This is a solid brass KM Hookah.

KM Mondial Solid Hookah This newly released KM Mondial Solid Hookah, in observance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is truly a beast of a hookah. The stem alone weighs 4.75lbs, and just feels so heavy and solid. The glass base is gold, and clear so...





Khalil Mamoon Dolphin Hookah 2015 Khalil Mamoon Emperor Gold Edition
Khalil Mamoon Dolphin Hookah 2015Khalil Mamoon Emperor Gold Edition
The Khalil Mamoon Dolphin Hookah is part of a new line by KM Hookahs. These are more solid, heavy, and ornate than previous versions. The Dolphin Hookah comes with a KM Jumbo base, hose, a newly designed ornate tray, tongs and cleaning kit. This model stands 34 inches tall.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are individually handcrafted in Egypt. The Khalil Maamoon's are very well known for their premiere design, elegance, and all around smokability. This hookah stands about 27" Please Note : Bases may Vary Khalil Mamoon Hose...



Khalil Mamoon King Cobra Gold KM Ceramica Beast Gold Hookah
Khalil Mamoon King Cobra GoldKM Ceramica Beast Gold Hookah

The Khalil Mamoon King Cobra is the newest and one of the most heaviest hookahs around. The stem alone weighs 4.5lbs. It is 33 inches tall. Comes with a KM rainbow hose, cleaning brushes, base protector, bowl, tongs and all fittings.

The solid brass KM Ceramica Beast hookah is back at ULTIMATEHOOKAH. This is the heaviest and most solid brass gold KM Hookah. 34 inches, comes with a standard Egyptian clay bowl, tongs, a wire brush set, and the hose and base combo as pictured. The stem alone is over 3.8lbs.




KM GOLD/Red TAJ MAHAL KM Kamanga Mini Beast GOLD

34 inches tall.

A solid Khalil Mamoon Hookah.

It comes with everything shown as pictured, including Egyptian clay bowl, tongs, cleaning brushes, hose.

The KM Mini Beast series is a great short hookah that will perform just as well as traditional sized KM hookahs.

22 inches tall and solid.

Hose colors vary. Comes with tongs, hose, bowl, and tray.




KM Precision Mini Beast Gold KM Spearhead Gold Hookah
KM Precision Mini Beast GoldKM Spearhead Gold Hookah

The KM Spearhead Hookah is a new and rare Khalil Mamoon hookah. It is solid, heavy but only 32 inches tall. If you like the KM beast Mini you will love this as this is an authentic KM hookah, with authentic KM ports. This hookah comes as pictured...



KM Gold Kamanja Single
KM Gold Kamanja Single

27" from base to top of stem, Includes cleaning brushes, tongs, grommets, tray, and base protector. The stem alone weighs 2.85 lbs. This is a nice and solid short KM