Regal Nutwood Malek Hookah Stem
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Regal Nutwood Malek Hookah Stem

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Note: These reclaimed wood stems may be slightly different in shade, grain, and color than those pictured.

This hand-made Regal stem is lathed from beautiful Nutwood, then attached to an anodized aluminum stem. Whether it's time for an upgrade, or you're just looking to build the ultimate custom hookah pipe, the Regal Redwood Melek hookah stem is a great choice. 

This Regal stem is sold by itself, meaning you will have to add a hose, bowl, tray and vase, if you want to build it out as a complete hookah. From the top of the grommet to the end of the down stem is 9 3/8", so make sure you have a tall enough vase for the Regal shaft; it will fit the standard 1.75" diameter vase opening. 
Another unique feature of Regal Hookahs are the lack of an external hose adapter: The hookah hose practically plugs directly into the base from the hub, which provides great airflow and eliminates the risk of the adapter breaking off.
Malek is the arabic word for KING. And with this Regal you will be literaly smoking like a king !
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