Starbuzz BOLD 250g
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Starbuzz BOLD 250g

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Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco 250g

Starbuzz just released a new line called BOLD. Check out these innovative and original flavor mixes by Starbuzz, the original exotic shisha.

Note: You must 18 years or older to order this product.

Starbuzz Bold Shisha Flavor Descriptions

Apple Doppio - Traditional double apple with less anise

Asian Persuasion - Grape, tea and ginger

Black Mint - Mint spiced with anise for a smooth yet complex flavor profile

Black Peach Mist - Blackberry and peach with a cooling hint of "mist"

Brownie - Silky smooth and rich chocolate

Code Blue - Berries with a touch of cream and mint

Cosmo Power - Grape, lemon and mint with hints of floral tones

Dibs on Ashley - Spiced peach

French Buzz - Orange and cream with notes of rose

Geisha - Peach, mint and a hint of melon

Golden Grape - Robust grape flavor

Grape Freeze - Grape with heavy mint

Grapefruit Mint - Grapefruit and mint

Green Savior - Paan (Indian betel nut spice) with mint

Irish Kiss - Peach with light mint

Irish Peach - Peach, cream, citrus and spice

Jack the Ripper - Concord grape with splash of cherry

Lady in Red - Cherry and rose

Margarita Freeze - Sweet limey citrus with heavy mint

Mighty Freeze - Sweet lemon candy with heavy mint

Mint Colossus - Sweet peppermint, combined with winterfresh, spearmint and wild mint

Misty Apple - Sweet green apples with spice and "mist"

Peach Ice Tea - Sweet peach with undertones of tea

Peach Mist - Peach with a cooling "mist"

Peach Queen - Peach with clove and cinnamon

Pink Lady - Raspberry and grenadine (sweet pomegranate)

Purple Savior - Grape soda with a splash of mint

Queen of Sex - Citrus-y lemon lime with a touch of mint

Simply Mango - Mango

Simply Mint - light peppermint with cooling menthol

Tropicool - Mixed tropical fruits with a light citrus mint

Watermelon Freeze - Watermelon with heavy mint

White Bear - Pineapple tropical gummy candies

White Chai - Sweet chai with vanilla and peach

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