Zomo Tobacco Strong Line 50g - Dark Leaf
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Zomo Tobacco Strong Line 50g - Dark Leaf

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Each blend features a dark and juicy cut with a sweet but cooling undertone that chills each puff. This collection puts a focus on single note fruit flavors like pineapple, mango, and passion fruit. Zomo tobacco is manufactured in Paraguay and leads the competition by being the #1 brand in South America.


  • Strong Mint - Sweet intense Mint Flavor.
  • Strong Pine - pineapple flavor, with a hint of mint.
  • Strong Blue -  Blueberry with a hint of mint.
  • Strong Orange - Refreshing strong cooling effect orange zest flavor.
  • Strong Lemon - Sour lemony citrusy super flavor
  • Strong Passion - the fresh flavor from the passion fruit with the supe sweet taste
  • Strong Mango - very refreshing mango flavor, super juicy
  • Black Edition - Barrel aged for 6 months and infused with a dark mint

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