Zomo Tobacco World Experience - 50g - Blonde Leaf
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Zomo Tobacco World Experience - 50g - Blonde Leaf

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The flavors are designed and crafted in Paraguay, where they've established a serious following.

The World Experience collection is a step in a different direction from their dark leaf line, as these user friendly blends can be enjoy by just about everyone. Each 50g box contains a blend of 3 or more flavor profiles expertly picked with inspiration from popular destinations.


  • Blue Caribbean - Blends of tropical fruits
  • Dry Sahara - Coffee and cappuccino mix
  • Wild Africa - exotic flavor
  • Tropical Amazon - 8 sweet fruits and citrus
  • Secret of Babylon -A tropical fruit and honeydew
  • Swiss Alps - Icy Air
  • Fresh Provence - Light fruit blended with a floral aroma
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