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Ultimate Hookah was built by hookah smokers and consumers like you.

Having travelled many states and countries, smoking in the best hookah lounges and learning to make the perfect hookah for every day home use we have now put our expertise into the online hookah retail business.

This section shouldn’t be called “About Us”, it should be called “About You”. Because it’s YOU who let us continue and give us the opportunity to become one of the best vendor online if not THE BEST.

Our goals are simple: sell as much hookah and shisha as possible and give the best customer service ever.

The only way for us to achieve this is to keep YOU coming back for more.

We focus our efforts on learning what the hookah smokers wants and providing it in the most professional and timely manner.

Give us a try once and we guarantee YOU will come back for more.

Feel free to email us anytime with a guaranteed quick response:info@ultimatehookah.com

Thanks for your orders and support

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