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Our lovely friends from Art Hookah opened their first lounge in San Diego, California, and shortly after their opening they were already back at the drawing board for a new product. Their first product, the Art Hookah temple 45, caught fire once it hit the market and helped create new visuals for smokers and added a new element of creativity within hookah. They’ve created hoses in the past to accompany their glass hookahs, but the Aviator Hose is cut from a different cloth. After a year of testing through hose prototypes with their team and customers at the lounge, they created the Aviator Hookah Hose. Think Leonardo not blue people, speaking of blue people this hose is available with the following handle colors options:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
The Aviator features a 10 1/2″ handle that brings the total length to almost 84″, that gives you more than enough slack to pass to a friend across the room. The smooth exterior is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum (6061-T6 to be exact), this particular metal has a high resistance to oxidization and improved strength thanks to the deep hard-anodizing aluminum. The aircraft grade metal is used in the space and aircraft industry, and it’s also used for manufacturing weapons. Scalding hot or freezing cold the metal components of the hose are built to last, and this is what they envisioned for their first lounge/home hose.
The aluminum handle of the hose can be separated into two pieces for easy cleaning and storage, but it also allows for a nice chilling component. Each Aviator hose will arrive with a re-freezable ice packet that can be placed inside the handle for a cooler and smoother inhale.
the Aviator hose was cut from a different cloth and it features a darkĀ blackĀ matte hose tubing, with a neoprene texture. The tubing is crafted from a medical grade silicone like many other washable hoses, but the silicone goes through a beneficial platinum curing process. This creates a scientific marriage between silicone hydride and vinyl, thus creating a material with a higher tear strength and flexibility.
The Aviator features a medium sized gauge opening that allows for a comfortable inhale, especially with hookahs that have a large downstem opening. Using a hose as flexible as this one can cause pinches in airflow because of its elasticity, but the Art Hookah teams provides you with a anti-kink spring. This silver coil spring can be removed if not needed but we’ve enjoyed having it on while in use, and it doesn’t get in the way of us passing the hose, in fact it makes it a little easier.
Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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