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Azure Black 250g

•Dark tobacco
•High Nicotine
•Made in America



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Azure Black Line premium hookah tobacco is masterfully crafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. The finest blend of dark tobacco and molasses is skillfully cooked in small batches to ensure each one delivers a perfectly strong and smooth flavor.

Black line is reserved for only the boldest of hookah enthusiasts.

Flavors Background :

Bengal Citrus – A Straight Citrus Flavor
Bermuda Mint – A Strong Straight Mint Flavor
Cactus Blast – A Mango and Pineapple Mix
Cairo Crypt Tonight – A Cherry and Mint Mix
California Blue – A Blueberry Mint Flavor
Chai Masala – A Spiced chai Flavor (could be a latte too 😛 )
Cinnamon Cookies – Sweet Cinnamon Flavor
Cosmos – Cheers !!
Dubai Apple – A Classic yet Sophisticated Double Apple Flavor
Grapemania – A Grapes with Mint Flavor
Grow A Pear – A Straight Pear Flavor
Lemon Muffin – A Lemon Blueberry Flavor
Mango Cheesecake – A Creamy Mango Mix
Melon King – Fruity Honey Dew with Hint of Mint
Moroccan Tea – A Honey Green Tea Flavor
Royal Citrus – An orange and lemon zest mix
San Diego Sunset – A citrus pineapple blend
Strawberry Guava – Sweet strawberry mixed with guava
Sweet Summer Sun – … Breakfast Cereal … or maybe Cereal
Ultra Violet – A floral fruity mix
Unicorn – Might be Magical 😛 … May “Fart Rainbows” hahahaha
Viva La Horchata – Cheers to Horchata !

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Azure Flavors

Bengal Citrus, Bermuda Mint, Berrymania, Blueberry, Blueberry Muffin, Cactus Blast, California Blue, Carolina Peach, Chai Masala, Cherry Muffin, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Cookies, CitrusMania, Cocomania, Cosmos, Dubai Apple, Grow A Pear, Island City Blend, Lady Liberty, Lemon Muffin, Mango Cheesecake, Melon King, Melonmania, Moroccan Mentha, Royal Citrus, Royal Mango, Royal Queen, Royal Raspberry, San Diego Sunset, Strawberry Guava, Sweet Summer Sun, Ultra Violet, Unicorn, Viva La Horchata


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