Cinnamon Roll Al fakher / fumari mix

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for those who love cinnamon flavors and enjoy eating cinnamon rolls, yo gotta try this mix and you will never regret it.

in the package you get :

1 x 250g Cinnamon Al Fakher

1 x 100g Fumari Frensh vanilla

1 x 100g Fumari Spiced chai


Al fakher cinnamon is one of the best cinnamon flavors on the market, the flavor is so rich and real. Fumari is known for its frensh vanilla and spiced chai and no other brand can replace those two great and powerful flavors.

our mix recommendation is :

50% cinnamom

30% frensh vanilla

20% spiced chai


the frensh vanilla will give this great icing flavors that we only enjoy on the cinnamon roll and teh spiced chai will give a kick with a warm rich taste !


Enjoy our recipe !