Fantasia 200 gram


SKU: FAN200.


Fantasia is a premium modern hookah shisha that is made in the U.S. with high grade Virginia tobacco. Fantasia is one of the newest brands of hookah shisha and it is becoming most notable for its rich thick smoke and full flavor. Fantasia modern hookah shisha offers a full line of delightful drink flavors as well as some tasty fruit flavors and unique sweet flavors. Fantasia is guaranteed to be a nice test for your taste buds. Fantasia shisha is packaged in a 200g plastic jar that has an airtight seal to help you store and keep your shisha fresh.

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One Hundred Trendsettah Series, 4Play, Adios Mofo, Apple Martini, Ace of Spades, Blueberry, Da Bomb Blueberry Trendsettah Series, Banana Foster, Bubble Gum, Black Mamba, Black Martini, Cuban Mojito, Cupids Arrow, Candy Cane, Cactus Breeze, Cotton Candy, Carmel Cappuccino, Cherry Cola, Cosmopolitan, Dragon Breath, Dragons Breath, FireCracker, Guava Breeze, G6 Grape Trendsettah Series, Golden Double Apple, Gingerbread, Hush Honey Trendsettah Series, Incredible, ICE Mint, Jack n Coke, Jocker, Lucky, MAI TAI, Margarita, Mon Cherry, Magic Dragon, Million Dollar Flavor, Mary Jane, Maybach Melon Trendsettah Series, Orange Sherbet, OG sweet Trendsettah Series, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Pina Colada, Purple Haze, Purple K Trendsettah series, Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin Spice, Queen of Hearts, Red Melon, Rainbow Burst, Raspberry Kamikaze, Raspberry Lemonade, Red Velvet, Rozay Wine Trendsettah Series, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Banana Split, Swag Berry Trendsettah Series, Strawberry Daiquiri, Surfer on Acid, Triple X, Triple Apple, Vanilla Sky Trendsettah Series, White Grape, White Lotus NEW, Wild Mango, Yager Bomb