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Large Sahara Incinerator Vase

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While one brand might fit one type of vase, the next brand might not. We at Sahara Smoke have a simple solution to this, instead of selling one generalized size, we have different vases for different hookahs!

If you use an Egyptian style shisha pipe then these vases are the perfect solution. The Sahara Smoke Egyptian style vases are all well over two and a half pounds, some coming close to three pounds. This means with water, these vases are more than capable of supporting quality hookah stems.

With multiple colors and designs, anyone can choose between a traditional match on their Egyptian stems or a more modern look. The functionality does not stop at glass thickness and weight, as each vase comes with a rubber adapter; so you can use any Sahara stem or any other American stems with an Egyptian style vase.

With our Egyptian vases, you can mix and match your favorite brands to create a shisha smoking solution that works perfectly for you.

*Fits Sahara Smoke as well as Egyptian Stems.

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