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In case you need a history in the worlds most traditional brand of hookah tobacco.

In one of the quite towns in Mid-Delta, affiliated to the towns of the genuine Egyptian countryside, there is an obscure town, through which the calm and life giver River Nile traverses, carrying within its folds elements conveying goodness, growth and hopefulness. Within the range of vision, there are widespread fields of wheat and cotton topped by dovecotes and overshadowed by sun drenched palm trees.

The dream and emblem of that project cherished by the head of the IBIARY’S Family, was the propagation of this products at level of the small town

This town is SHEBIN EL-KOM the birthplace of the late SALEH MOHAMED EL-IBIARY, the man who had initiated and established a factory for processing the MU’ASSAL (a mild-tasting tobacco, due to its preparation with molasses, glycerin, fragrant oils or essences) industry in the year 1913.

It was an individual project, a humble one, assuming an Emblem, having been inspired from the enchanting nature of the “Palm Tree”, the holy plant introduced to us via the heavenly holy books.

The dream and emblem of that project cherished by the Head of the IBIARY’S Family, was the propagation of this products at level of the small town; and the distribution of his products, by then relied on the direct relationship between the customer and the FACTORY, in its capacity as an outlet for processing and selling, And throughout this long history and for a period running over approx. One century (more than eighty-seven years) management of the factory had been run by the late/ SALEH MOHAMED EL-IBIARY, the great grandfather of the family. Nay, the pioneer who had been managing the factory till 1955.

Such management was entrusted to the second generation of this family, namely / AHMED SALEH EL- IBIARY, who took office after his father, and complemented the march in managing the factory;but with a different vision .

As the succeeded in developing and diversifying products and thus contributing to the emergence of new products in keeping with the Egyptian taste and its requirements; and the first item of such new products being MUASSEL EL – ZAGHLOUL; which has been enjoying subsequently a high standing worldwide And upon the expansion in volume of production, the process of production was separated from those relating to marketing and selling and inauguration of new Branches were Initiated in the large Governorates of Cairo and Alexandria Thereafter and due to the good quality of those products, which have been in high demand among a new category of consumers pertaining to the common people of the public. So much so that NAKHLA products have become so widespread in all Egyptian towns and hamlets, via the large numbers of transportation trucks that have linked the FACTORY with all Governorates in Egypt.

And with the sustained success of the company, Ahmed Saleh El-Ibiary started to think of exporting his products outside the territories of Egypt; and concurrently, studies and researches were initiated to implement this objective. Nevertheless, he passed away on 28th of November 1979, prior to the coming into light of those concepts.

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